DSC_0493Name: Annika Schiefner

Function: Integration Manager

Nickname: Pfanni, because I am from a region that doesn’t make a difference between the pronunciation of F and Pf in German. My linguist friends thought that was funny and gave me a nickname I have trouble pronouncing…

Country of origin: Germany

Languages spoken: German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, NGT

Study Programme: ReMa Language and Communication

Tell us 2 fun facts about yourself: I have a fructose intolerance but I really love mangos (and other fruit). So, I sometimes I eat mangos (and other fruit) that are not fully ripe yet because they have less sugar. Also, I was born second closest to Nijmegen but I am not a Dutchie.

Favorite word:  I am a linguist. I don’t have a favorite word. I don’t discriminate against words.

Favorite pasta sauce: Fried-vegetables-cream-sauce (or something like that)

Favorite cake: Schlonztorte

Next country in your bucket list: Chile

What do you do when you’re not at university?
If I am not at uni, I am in the fantasy world in my head, living fantastic adventures. (Or, as others might put it, I’m in my bed, sleeping and dreaming.)

Favorite spot in Nijmegen: Waalstrandje, most likely swimming

Have you ever spent a semester or year abroad? If so, where?: Québec, Canada. But I also lived in Spain and Colombia for a few months.

Can you tell us one reason why you wanted to join ISN Nijmegen CS: Because I think everybody should have the chance and get the support they need to make the most out of their stay abroad.

Contact Annika through integration@isnnijmegen.nl.