Committees are where we work our magic. Committees are small groups of students that like to organise events for other internationally-minded students. Students often consider it very rewarding work, and see it as very useful in terms of developing skills such as team work, intercultural communication, and problem-solving skills. Any member of ISN Nijmegen can become a committee member, so we invite you to join in! It is a great way for making your time in Nijmegen more awesome!

Below you can find a list of the Committees in ISN Nijmegen:

There are still some spots available for our Committees, so don’t hesitate to sign up and join one of our Committees! What’s in for you? An amazing life experience, meeting new people, getting yourself out there and working from behind the scene of a student organisation! Oh and did we mention the curriculum boost that comes with it?

More information?
If you’d like to know more about the Erasmus Student Network, ISN Nijmegen Candidate Section or the committees, please contact us on If you are already convinced, you can also sign up for a committee through!