DSC_0407Name: Denise

Function: Partnership Manager (email: partnerships@isnnijmegen.nl)

Nickname: Niesje, Dennis, Niezel, basically anything close to my actual name

Country of origin: the Netherlands

Languages spoken: Dutch, English, and I can hold a normal conversation in German

Study Programme: Psychology, currently in my 4th Bachelor year

Tell us 2 fun facts about yourself: I went abroad to Finland where I received credits for doing Ice Skating &  I still sleep with stuffed animals (yes, plural)

Favorite word: ‘feest’ (‘party’ in Dutch)

Favorite pasta sauce: Homemade with basilicum.

Favorite cake: The ones that are edible

Next country in your bucket list: Australia

What do you do when you’re not at university?: Hanging out with friends, doing some classic Netflix binge watching or I am baking cookies/cake/etc.

Favorite spot in Nijmegen: Tati

Have you ever spent a semester or year abroad? If so, where?: Yes, I went to Jyväskylä Finland.

Can you tell us one reason why you wanted to join ISN Nijmegen: I really like helping and hanging out with internationals and talking to them about their point of views on basically anything. So yeah that’s three reasons, but in one sentence, so I would say it counts as one.