Are you interested in languages and meeting people from other countries? The Language Café is perfect for you!
The Language Exchange Committee of ISN Nijmegen is an event where you meet new friends from all over the world, practice your favorite language(s), and help others who are learning your language! Everybody is more than welcome to join, the more people, the more languages, the more fun!

If you would like to attend our language exchange meeting, please indicate in the polls below what language(s) you would like to practise and what language(s) you can offer.

In case you know any native speakers of a requested language, please be so kind to tag him or her in the comments below the polls on our facebook event!

See you on Thursday 30th from 19:00!!

31/05/2018 - 19:00
Attention! The location has been changed to EOS 1.770 due to an event at the Sport Café.
Heyendaalseweg 141
  • Everyone is invited.