September 2016, Annika Schiefner and Lisette te Hennepe started doing their master’s at both Radboud University and Tilburg University. They soon found out that Tilburg has an international student organisation run by students (I*ESN Tilburg), whereas Nijmegen didn’t have such an organisation. Once they got the chance from the International Office in June 2017, they wrote a proposal to the National Board set up a local ESN section in Nijmegen. Annika and Lisette’s dream was to become part of the large Erasmus Student Network, represented in over forty countries.

On the 1st of October 2017, Annika and Lisette managed to get closer to their goal of becoming part of the Erasmus Student Network. Here on, ISN Nijmegen was born! One day later, all other board members were called in that they could start working. A team of seven amazing women got to work!

The real celebration could take place on 14 January 2018, as we were voted as a section of the ESN Network. It got the name International Student Network Nijmegen, to stress that we are open for all students in Nijmegen that are internationally-minded. Whether you are here for exchange or a full degree, here as an international student or a Dutchie, we are there for anyone who aims for intercultural understanding and respect.