Our initiative ISN Nijmegen has been picked up by ANS. Today, they interviewed Lisette about how this all started. The interview is only available in Dutch.
We are incredibly happy, grateful and excited to tell you that we have become a full section within the Erasmus Student Network!
Committees are small groups of students who organise events within ISN Nijmegen Candidate Section. All students in Nijmegen were invited to join in for the Committee Meet and Greet, and it turned out to be a successful night!
We are proud to announce the first board of ISN Nijmegen Candidate Section!
Last weekend, Lisette and Annika visited the National Platform of ESN. The motion that Nijmegen should have a candidate section was accepted with full enthusiasm. ISN Nijmegen Candidate Section was born!
Recently, Annika and Lisette were interviewed by the Vox! Read the article below.