We are incredibly happy, grateful and excited to tell you that we have become a full section within the Erasmus Student Network! We are now considered a full part of the organisation, and are excited that we can promote the ideas and values of ESN. 

This weekend, Stephanie (Treasurer), Denise (Partnership Manager), Annika (Integration Manager) and Lisette (President) attended the National Platform of ESN NL. This is the place where all the sixteen sections in the Netherlands spent the weekend on voting on policies, workshops and small sessions. Denise gave an impressive pitch about why Nijmegen should get the chance to become a full section on Saturday. After a lot of nerves, a pub crawl and a very interesting talk by Desiree Majoor (one of the founders of ESN International), we got the results of the vote on Sunday morning. ISN Nijmegen can now fully get started!