When you become a member of ISN Nijmegen, you will receive an ESN card. With that you can enjoy various discounts on our events, but you can also use other discounts. With your ESN card you get local, national and international discounts. The national and international discounts can be found on the website of the ESN card. A list of the local discounts is provided on this page. Since we are a starting organization, more local partners are soon to follow, so keep track of this page regularly!

Local discounts 







foto van El Sombrero Nijmegen.                                                                                                                         
El Sombrero
Molenstraat 67
Every first Friday of the month ISN Nijmegen has the International Friday in El Sombrero. A bar in the middle of the city centre of Nijmegen in which you can start your weekend perfectly with some awesome Latin music party. Sometimes we have a theme attached to this party, so keep track of our Facebook page and website to see how you can start your month. 
  • 1+1 free on shots, strong liquors and mixdrinks*
  • €1 discount on wardrobe*
  • Free welcome shot*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
foto van Drie Gezusters Nijmegen.
Drie Gezusters
Molenstraat 79
Every Tuesday ISN Nijmegen organizes the International Fiesta in Drie Gezusters. This bar is also located in the middle of the city centre of Nijmegen. You can enjoy weekly (themed) parties here that are posted on our Facebook page and website regularly.
  • Bottled Heineken beer for €1*
  • Regular draft beer and all sodas for €2*
  • Free welcome shot*                                                                                          
Logo Cafe de Opera
Café de Opera
Koningsplein 32-34
In this café ISN Nijmegen organizes something every Sunday. There are board game nights, pub quizzes and a special event every month. This café offers a huge variety of craft beers, but they also serve all kinds of wine and cocktails. Besides drinks, they serve relatively cheap food with a good quality. Great place to take a look sometimes!
  • Student lager (18cl) for €2*
  • Craft beer, pilsner & wine 10% off*
  • Craft beer (18cl) for €3.50*
  • Dinner 10% off*
  • First drink combined with dinner for €1 (only pilsner, sodas and wine)*
  • Desserts for €3.50*                                                 
Groenewoudseweg 2
If, for example you have some sort of team building activity and you need to print anything onto a t-shirts or any other type of clothing, you can do this at Dressme. They are very quick and thourough in processing your order. 
  • 10% off your order**               

* Discounts only available during ISN Nijmegen events and only upon showing a valid ESN card
** Discounts only available upon showing a valid ESN card